Lab Analysis Fees

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Lab Analysis Fees are $39 per sample for a standard 3-5 day turnaround.


MyMoldDetective® provides its customers with the highest level of fully accredited laboratory analysis and comprehensive report interpretation the IAQ Industry offers.


Why are there lab fees associated with mold and air quality testing?


Air quality testing is important, as a result, the scientists trusted to analyze your samples are highly educated, extensively trained and highly qualified to perform microscopic analysis of micro-organisms and other allergens found in air cassette and surface sampling.

Much like DNA, bacteria, and stool laboratory analysis, air quality testing requires a laboratory, microscope and certified microbiology technicians to physically place your sample underneath the lens of a microscope to visually identify all particles captured in your air cassette and surface samples.

It is important to understand that MyMoldDetective’s testing methodology is professional grade and the most widely accepted air and surface testing method in North America. All samples taken are registered online through a state-of-the-art chain of custody between you and our partnered laboratory.

All samples are then delivered to a MyMoldDetective® third-Party AIHA-LAP Accredited Laboratory for microscopic analysis that includes:

  1. Visually identifying the particles (mold spores and other allergens) present in the sample
  2. Visually quantifying the particles present in each sample
  3. Developing the Lab Report along with interpretation of results

Once steps 1 & 2 are complete, our partnered laboratory is able to input the sample data into a proprietary analysis software program which will extrapolate the concentration levels of the particles present in the sample. This data is then sent directly to you in the form of MyMoldDetective’s easy-to-read lab report.

Although it may seem that $39 per sample analysis is expensive, it’s truly not. MyMoldDetective® guarantees cost-effective and competitive lab fee rates across the board. Not only are we committed to providing trusted and accurate air quality testing, but also affordability, superior customer service and free lab report consultation.

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