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My Mold Detective Test Kit

What are the Benefits of My Mold Detective's Mold Test Kit?

Empower your health using MyMoldDetective’s air care solution to test your home, office, or school.  Our Mold Test Kit is easy to use and you can buy online for the best price. We have the best Mold Test Kits you can buy online. 


Save an average of $500 per session compared to hiring a mold professional. Our Mold Test Kit saves you money.

Safer Air Quality

Did you know? Indoor Air Quality is the leading cause of Asthma in children and respiratory illness and disease in adults. Our Mold Test Kit is the best mold test kits you can buy online.

Air Quality Insight

Taking a closer look at your home’s breathable air should be routine and can help you identify harmful living conditions for you and your family. Mold testing kit that gets you quick test results.

Laboratory Analysis fees

All samples are analyzed by Nationally Accredited Laboratories. A $39 per sample lab analysis fee applies at time of online sample registration.

Reliable, Accurate and Professional

We use the same mold testing technology as Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Professionals and adhere to industry Testing standards. Air sampling with a detailed report check out our manufacturer's instructions.

Easy-to-Use System

Sampling is as simple as the touch of a button for a fast, five-minute testing session. Our mold test kit starts working in just a few minutes and has an easy 3 Step process.

Quick Turn-around for Results

MyMoldDetective understands that waiting for your lab results can be stressful and that time is of the essence. This is why MMD provides 24-hour Express Turnaround Time for an additional cost of $15 per sample. Normal turnaround time is 3 business days from the time the laboratory receives your samples. Check for Toxic mold with our lab testing and mold tests.

How Our Mold Test Kit Works

4 Easy Steps to Use - Contact Us for More Information

Top Reasons to Use My Mold Detective, Mold Test Kits

While mold testing should be a seasonally routine occurrence, typically in unison with regular HVAC filter changes, there are certain times when mold testing should be done in addition to routine testing to avoid severe mold growth and exposure.

If you are experiencing signs of bad air quality or mold exposure, you should consider testing the air in your environment. If you have a mold problem, mold growing, musty smell, water leaks, health problems, respiratory problems, get our expert consultation with our test for home mold.

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