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Step 1: Take Air Samples

Outdoor Air Sample:

  • On one cassette, mark the box labeled “Outdoor Sample.” (This will be your required control sample.)
  • Ensure you have a power outlet to plug into. You may need an extension cord.
  • Take sample when it’s not raining or snowing, in an open area 10 ft. away from the structure and overhangs, 3 to 5 ft. off the ground. (Use a chair to set the pump on.)
  • Push the green button to start the sample, a red light will illuminate during the testing process. The pump will shut off automatically after the 5-minute air sample is complete.
  • ico camera

    Recommended Step:

    Take digital photos of your sampling locations in action. Upload your photos to your online report during the registration process. This will provide a more customized and documented report.

  • Remove the tape flap on the top and bottom of the air cassette. (Save flaps for resealing cassettes.)
  • Open the pump lid. (This will remain open during testing.)
  • Insert cassette onto the air sample inlet tray and secure firmly in place.
  • Reseal top and bottom of air cassette with tape flaps after air sampling is complete.

Indoor Air Sample:

  • Mark the remaining air cassette(s) with the room name. All indoor sample(s) should be taken in the middle of the room, 3 to 5 ft. off the ground.
  • Repeat steps (b) through Id) outlined in Outdoor Air Sample section.

Note: Air Cassette limited to one use. Do not reuse cassettes.
Take indoor air samples within 15 minutes of the outdoor air sample.

Step 2: Take Surface Samples

  • Write the surface location name on the tape label.
  • If present: use the serial number on the back of the tape lift when registering your sample online.
  • Peel off the translucent cover slip to expose the tape’s tacky surface.
  • Firmly press the tape onto the suspect surface.
  • Close the tape onto the white backing and place into the small envelope provided.
  • One tape lift per small envelope provided.

Step 3: Register Online

Visit to register your samples

Click the “Register Samples” button at the top
of the homepage and follow the instructions.

Create a new account

Complete payment for the lab analysis and write confirmation number on mailing envelope.

Step 4: Mail Samples

Shipping Options:

FedEx Express Shipping takes between 1-2 business days to reach the lab.

FedEx is trackable and convenient.  For added convenience, call FedEx to schedule a pick up from your location.

Insert up air samples and surface samples into one mailing envelope and mail to the lab.

Sending more than one envelope or package may cause samples to arrive at lab separately and cause possible delays with analysis.