Mold Test Kit (RENTAL)

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Save money, rent the pump. Professional grade mold testing kit with a patented air sampling pump that allows you to obtain accurate air sample results, easily.

This Kit Includes:
1 MMD Air Sampling Pump (RENTAL)
1 Indoor Air Cassette
1 Outdoor Air Cassette
1 Tape Lift (surface sample)

* Lab fees not included. Lab fees are $39 per sample and paid during online sample registration.


Is your air clean? Like many homecare routines, ensuring healthy indoor air quality requires regular maintenance and monitoring. HVAC filters are changed, smoke detectors are retested and heating ducts are cleaned regularly. Many environmental factors will affect mold and allergen concentration levels in homes as seasons change. In colder winter months, there’s an increase in water pipes breaking, spring brings heavy rainfall in summer, humidity levels increase and during autumn, falling leaves exacerbate outdoor mold that can move inside when we begin to spend more time indoors. For this reason, we recommend testing four times a year, or when you see or smell mold.

Use our Air Quality Test Kit to learn if you have mold in your air and use our air mold test kit and mold detector device as a solution when you are trying to figure out how to test air for mold. Our Air Testing Kit can detect mold in your indoor air and test your indoor air quality. Buy or Rent our Air Quality Test Kit today.

Like you, we care about the quality of your air – and how that relates to your overall health – and know that mold can cause devastating respiratory issues, sickness and allergic reactions for you and your family. After all, it is your air. Your health. And we are your team developing easy-to-use, science-based AirCare solutions that make it easy to put quality back in your air and health back in your life. Because we care about you.

At My Mold Detective®, we are committed to improving and evolving the Indoor Air Quality industry. By working with the industry’s experts in microbiology and engineering, we have developed and manufactured a unique, accurate, and patented Do-It-Yourself indoor Mold, Dust and Allergen Test Kit to help you screen your home or business for all hazardous mold & other IAQ conditions. Our Mold Test Kit, along with our comprehensive and accredited lab analysis, friendly consumer support and national network of certified Indoor Air Quality experts complete a 360-Approach. This is our commitment to providing a Complete AirCare solution for every property owners across the country. We’re here to help.

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