When My Mold Detective uncovers a mold problem

My Mold Detective®-Approved partners can remediate it.

Atlanta, GA (November 2016) – The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 30 to 50 percent
of U.S. homes have damp conditions that can encourage the growth of biological pollutants, including mold. 1
That can have a real impact on resident’s health; researchers now have clear evidence that damp buildings and
exposure to mold spores are a risk factor in developing asthma.2 With a My Mold Detective® kit, homeowners
can limit their risk by testing the air in their homes (with the same technology employed by air quality
professionals) for mold, allergens, and other contaminants. They also quickly receive the results of those tests in
an easy-to-understand format from a certified laboratory. But My Mold Detective doesn’t stop there; when a
home does require mold removal, My Mold Detective can provide its customers with referrals to well-qualified
remediation companies from its national network of pre-screened, certified and insured indoor air quality

One such partner is X-Mold of Lawrenceville, Georgia, which has been ridding homes of problem mold and
improving indoor air quality for more than a decade. “We added X-Mold to our network because we were
impressed by their level of professionalism and by the emphasis the company places on training and certifying
its technicians and managers in the proper methods of remediation,” said Fred Rodriguez, president and chief
executive of My Mold Detective. “We feel very confident that we are offering our customers who have mold
problems an excellent resource for dealing with them.”

With the cost of mold remediation averaging between $500 and $6,0003, customers in need of these services
want to make sure that they are working with a well-qualified, ethical company that won’t pressure them into
signing up for work that’s not actually required. When X-mold representatives go out on a call, their first goal is
to use their training and expertise to educate people about mold even before they begin to assess the services
that they might need. “We tell them, ‘You don’t have to be afraid of mold, but you do need to be
knowledgeable,” said X-Mold’s Chris Kaveney.

The My Mold Detective kits fill a real need, not only for homeowners but also for realtors, home sellers and
home buyers who are trying to assess a home’s condition, Kaveney added. For example, when elderly people
move out of their homes, family members may realize that the distinctive smell that they’ve always associated
with Grandma’s house or the headaches that they always had after they visit might actually indicate the
presence of mold.

Since many people have a do-it-yourself mentality, X-Mold is glad to be able to suggest My Mold Detective kits
as a way of determining if they actually do have a mold problem. “When we give presentations at realtors’
offices, we tell them, ‘If your home seller or your home buyer wants to know about mold, here’s the product to
get,’” said Kaveney.

My Mold Detective kits include an air flow sampling pump and air collection cassettes which the homeowners
use to sample the air in any room in their homes. After they complete the five-minute test, the homeowners
place the cassettes into a prepaid envelope for shipment to a certified professional laboratory. Within a week
the laboratory will send them a detailed and easy-to-understand report that will inform them about the types
and levels of mold or other problematic particles that are present in their homes’ air.

Kaveney thinks these reports are one of the best features of My Mold Detective. Unlike results summaries that
look like a “jumbled mess” of numbers to the layperson, the reports that My Mold Detective sends to
home buyers provide a clear explanation that anyone can understand. “They get color-coded test results–red,
yellow and green like stoplights–so that the numbers mean something. But they also get a live person to talk to
at My Mold Detective who will explain those results to them. To me, this is a natural extension of helping people
do the testing themselves,” Kaveney said.

Although X-Mold has worked with My Mold Detective for just a few months, the company has already had
several referrals from the My Mold Detective helpline. X-Mold is also part of My Mold Detective’s reseller
network, so it has a supply of the test kits on hand for realtors, homeowners or whoever else requests them.

My Mold Detective has been very responsive as a partner, Kaveney added. When X-Mold saw a problem with
the way that some referrals were handled, “the My Mold Detective people came back to us within 48 hours.
They’re listening to us as well; it isn’t them dictating terms, they’re actually trying to build a real partner
network,’ he said.

“We’re very happy to have X-Mold as a partner,” said Rodriguez. “They’re the kind of company that we’re
always looking to add to the My Mold Detective network: responsive to customers and professional in their
approach with an excellent track record in mold remediation.”

About My Mold Detective
Founded in 2012, My Mold Detective LLC has worked with experts in microbiology and engineering to develop
and manufacture a unique, validated and patented do-it-yourself indoor mold detection system for the home.
The My Mold Detective kit is complemented by comprehensive and accredited lab reports, a responsive
consumer support system and a national network of pre-screened, certified and insured indoor air quality

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