My Air. My Health. My Mold Detective®: The Best Medicine for Mold Allergy Relief

The DIY My Mold Detective kit identifies areas in the home where mold lurks so homeowners can eliminate it—
and their allergy symptoms.

Atlanta, GA (November 2016) – Allergy to mold is one of the fastest growing allergies in the United States,
according to Quest Diagnostics’ comprehensive “Allergies Across America” report released in 2011. The Quest
study found that mold sensitization grew 12 percent over a four-year period, a finding that is especially
worrisome since other research has shown that molds may aggravate asthma and trigger other allergic
sensitizations (1). To prevent those health consequences, homeowners will want to do everything possible to keep
their families safe from mold. My Mold Detective® kits are the best first step that they can take in that process.

The Quest Diagnostics allergies report notes that “given the strong association between asthma and indoor air based
mold, animal, and dust mite allergens, NAEPP guidelines recommend that patients and their treating
physicians minimize exposure to potential allergens in the home, work, and other indoor environments.(2)” A My
Mold Detective kit, which tests the air in a home for mold, allergens, and other unhealthy contaminants, is an
easy and cost-effective way to follow that recommendation.

Every My Mold Detective kit includes an air flow sampling pump—identical to the technology used by air
remediation professionals—and air collection cassettes to take samples from whatever rooms the homeowner
wants to test. Following the easy-to-understand instruction, the homeowner performs the sampling and then
places the air cassettes into a prepaid envelope for shipment to the laboratory. Within a week the homeowner
will have a detailed and easy-to-read lab report that will inform them about the types and levels of mold or
other problematic particles that are present in their homes’ air.

If the report shows elevated levels of mold spores or other problems, the support team at My Mold Detective
can direct the home’s residents to a My Mold Detective® -approved remediation specialist in their area. These
pre-screened partners will help homeowners resolve any mold issues, reducing the risk of mold allergies as well
as the uncomfortable symptoms that come with them—coughing, sneezing, congestion, sore throat, etc.

My Mold Detective kits cost less than $60, and the comprehensive, easy-to-understand results explanation from
the library just $35 per sample. It’s a small price to pay to avoid the very real allergy sensitization that mold can

“My Mold Detective kits provide an affordable and accurate way for homeowners to detect and measure any
mold in their homes,” said Fred Rodriguez, president and chief executive of the company. “It’s the first step in
eliminating mold from their homes, reducing the risk of allergies and safeguarding the health of their families.”

About My Mold Detective
Founded in 2012, My Mold Detective LLC has worked with experts in microbiology and engineering to develop
and manufacture a unique, validated and patented do-it-yourself indoor mold detection system for the home.
The My Mold Detective kit is complemented by comprehensive and accredited lab reports, a responsive
consumer support system and a national network of pre-screened, certified and insured indoor air quality

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