Meet the Founder & CEO of MyMoldDetective®

Meet the Founder & CEO of MyMoldDetective®

If you were to ask any successful CEO where their ambition comes from, you’d probably end up with a list full of buzzwords, from education to a famous author they once read. But, if you were to ask the Founder and CEO of MyMoldDetective®, Fred Rodriguez he would simply say, it’s in his blood.

Having come from a long line of Cuban entrepreneurs, that included owners of successful bakeries and dry cleaners, the pursuit of freedom and independence were embedded in Fred from an early age. Believing that boundaries simply didn’t exist, what some would look at as obstacles, Fred looked at as opportunities. Those opportunities led to being a GA state graduate, East Regional NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Champion, Founder of Remediation Group in 2003, and founder and inventor of the patented MyMoldDetective®.

The Miami native credits his grandparents’ sacrifice in fleeing Cuba for his success believing that it provided a life of independence and freedom for his family. His grandfather, Avi lived under the threat of being stripped of his property and businesses by the Communist-driven Castro regime, and eventually fled to the US in search of a better life for his family. This determination along with being brought up by an unyielding Cuban mother who wouldn’t allow Rodriguez to forget where he came from along with the sacrifice his grandparents made so their future generations would be born into freedom with unlimited opportunity.

In 2016, MMD was successful in being accepted into Home Depot stores and began sharing the patented and innovative MyMoldDetective® on a national scale. Now, having sold thousands of mold test kits,  Rodriguez still shows no sign of slowing down as he begins to expand his product line into air quality with MyAllergyDetective™.

So, what advice does Mr. Rodriguez have for aspiring entrepreneurs without the same ambition?

“Ignore the negative noise and remain forever coachable — recognizing mentors and mentoring moments is a key to success. Stay fresh and always be outgrowing your mentors, your personal and professional evaluation demands it.”    


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